Calling All 0xEmbedded Superheroes – LINAK Desires Your Code Wielding Powers!

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Location: Danmark, Guderup

Calling All 0xEmbedded Superheroes – LINAK Desires Your Code Wielding Powers!

Are we trying to malloc the perfect Embedded Software Engineer for our DESKLINE® & HOMELINE® arrays? Absolutely! And who better to join LINAK's R&D League than someone who looks at an ARM MCU and sees endless possibility?


The LINAK Fortress in Sønderborg Awaits

As the newest instance in our coding cohort, you'll dereference your potential across a cutting-edge landscape where your class will lead innovation.


Your Debugging Quest:

  • Develop not just code, but while (innovation) loops that run flawlessly in our product matrix.
  • Initiate a switch to statements of creativity across our software architecture, optimizing the case for LINAK excellence.
  • Architect #include directives that pull in fresh, optimized frameworks into the pillars of our product line.
  • Enact logical operators over product requirements, parsing every byte with an eagle-eyed for loop.
  • Design non-volatile strategies for MCU selections, aligning hardware registers with our software pulses.
  • Be the main() driving force behind clear, testable, and well-documented specifications.
  • Share syntax and semantic hacks in a global environment, where your knowledge propagates across our codebase.


Your Compiler Flags:

  • With a stack of >1,5768e+11 ARM MCU programming ms, your experience is non-volatile.
  • Fluent in embedded C; you speak arrays better than most and toggle VCS tools with script-like dexterity.
  • A qualified char *engineer with embedded wisdom embedded in your very core.
  • Express complex structures with the ease of writing a hello_world.
  • break; in convention, with a holistic view towards solutions and the intricate threads in the systems.
  • With a quality-first function(), you're debug-oriented, chasing after the cleanest builds.
  • Agile in thinking, and true in team spirit; collaborating in union with diverse tech craftsmen.
  • Instinctively curious, you often //TODO: explore new possibilities with a bit of light-hearted /* humor */.
  • >=(Examplary-1) in English; you can printf your ideas crisply and without error.


The LINAK Framework:

  • global stage where growth is more constant than a while(1) loop.
  • A work environment array filled with truthy values like openness and a relentless quest for improvement.
  • A place where SCRUM virtuos are first-class citizens in the struct of our everyday workflow.


Connect With Us: For a direct function call to your future, contact Jan Gaardsted Dall, our pointer to R&D Software excellence, at +45 7315 1378.


No exit(0); We're continually compiling candidates until we link with the outstanding one. Disregard system-generated deadlines like they're mere comments in the fast-paced script of LINAK's growth.



Group Headquarters

Smedevænget & 0x08, Guderup,

DWORD - 0x191E


Ready to execute your next career program()? Apply your functions at LINAK and turn the world's movement into your subroutine.




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Læs mere om karrieremuligheder på eller få flere informationer om vores produkter og arbejdsmetoder på ACTUATOR ACADEMY platformen.

LINAK leverer innovative aktuatorløsninger, der forbedrer menneskers livskvalitet og arbejdsmiljø. Vi er kendt ude i verden for vores høje kvalitet, teknisk avancerede og innovative produkter.
De resultater LINAK har opnået gennem årene er baseret på et sæt værdier, der definerer hvad LINAK står for. Vi lægger stor vægt på vore værdier, og hvert andet år måler vi på, hvor godt vi lever op til dem.
LINAK er delt op i 4 segmenter, der er organiseret som individuelle forretningsenheder: MEDLINE & CARELINE, DESKLINE, TECHLINE og HOMELINE.